Garden Watering Surrey

We’re happiest when the sun is shining on Surrey and we can be out in the garden with our friends. This is when it becomes important to make sure your newly revived garden can cope with the summer heat by watering regularly. It gets to a point where watering your garden becomes less of a novelty and more of a chore.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could complete your garden watering regime in one simple step?

We have created Leaky Pipe, a simple DIY solution to watering your garden which can be engaged with a turn of the tap – a lifesaver for homeowners across Surrey. Dragging hosepipes around and untangling knots will become a distant memory and you can control watering using timers which will make the whole process even more efficient.

Leaky Pipe is very economical in its use of water. Comprising a network of porous pipes, the system is laid above the soil (with a layer of mulch above it) or beneath the soil, permitting accurate, even watering directly to the roots of your trees, plants and shrubs. What’s more, you can use your garden whilst Leaky Pipe is working without the fear of being sprayed with water.

Keep your garden healthy by carefully considering how your Leaky Pipe should be laid. We can install piping in straight lines or snake it around your garden to suit your needs, so long as it’s close to the areas where watering is needed, the choice is yours.

Leaky Pipe works perfectly well at lengths of up to 50 metres, though its reach is truly determined by the strength of the water supply and the way in which the pipe is fed around your garden.

If you are based in Surrey and would like to discover more about Leaky Pipe and how it works, why not get in touch today?