Garden Watering Kent

Do you take great pride in your garden? Are you spending too much time watering and not enough time enjoying the fruits of your labour?

Leaky Pipe Systems have been installing garden watering systems in Kent and the surrounding areas for many years. No longer is it necessary to drag a hosepipe around your garden or watch as a twist in the pipe diminishes the flow of water, Leaky Pipe System is simple, DIY garden watering system featuring porous rubber hoses which can water all the plants in your garden with a simple turn of the tap.

Our Leaky Pipe system has revolutionised garden watering for homeowners and businesses across Kent. Adding timers to control watering improved efficiency even further, ensuring accurate, even garden watering every time.

There’s no need to steer clear of the garden whilst it is being watered and Leaky Pipe keeps your garden green and thriving. The porous hoses only need to be laid beneath areas of the garden in need of watering; they can be laid in simple straight lines or snake around all areas of your garden, so long as they remain close to the roots of your trees, shrubs and plants.

Leaky Pipe can work perfectly well up to lengths of 50 metres and above; what makes a difference to the effectiveness of the system after that is the strength of the water source and how it is laid beneath the surface of your garden. Your garden hosepipe will most likely be capable of running as much as 250 metres of Leaky Pipe in one go. We do advise homeowners in Kent to have their Leaky Pipe buried in the soil or laid on the soil with a layer of mulch.

So, if you live in Kent and wish to discuss Leaky Pipe in more detail, please do not hesitate to get in touch.