Garden Watering Essex

Watering your garden is one of those tasks which can be very time consuming. If you forget to do it for a couple of days, especially in the summer, it can have dire consequences for your beautiful garden.

Many of us associate garden watering with multiple trips to the garden tap and lugging overflowing watering cans back and forth. The good news is you won’t have to do that for much longer. We developed Leaky Pipe which is a garden watering system we’ve been supplying to homeowners and businesses in Essex for many years.

No longer will it be necessary to drag heavy hosepipe from the back of the house to the front or vice versa, never again will you need to untangle knot after knot only for a kink in the pipe to weaken the flow of water. Leaky Pipe is a straightforward DIY solution to watering your garden and has proved immensely popular in Essex and surrounding areas. The system comprises a network of porous pipe laid beneath the soil (or on top of it and covered with a layer of mulch) of your garden which enables you to water the whole area just by turning on the tap.

You don’t even need to remember to turn the tap on; a timer can be installed to control watering, increasing efficiency yet again. Leaky Pipe facilitates even, accurate watering without impinging on the time you can spend relaxing in your garden.

Porous hoses laid beneath your soil/mulch will allow any garden in Essex to flourish; they only need to be laid beneath areas which require frequent, controlled watering. You can choose have the hoses laid in straight lines or in a snake around the garden itself, the closer it can get to the roots of your plants, trees and shrubbery the better.

A generic garden hose can run up to 250 metres of Leaky Pipe at a time and but the porous hoses can be effective at longer lengths depending on how strong your water source is and how the hoses are laid.

Clients throughout Essex are welcome to get in touch and find out how Leaky Pipe can revolutionise their garden watering experience, why not give us a call today?