Garden Watering Berkshire

How do you usually water your garden? Do you pass back and forth between the garden and the outside tap with your watering can or do you drag those reams of hosepipe behind you?

It’s probably safe to say you’ve never really considered any other way, until now. What if we told you there’s another way and that homeowners across Berkshire have been discovering our Leaky Pipe system for years?

We have developed the Leaky Pipe system to help our customers take control of their garden watering regime with just a turn of the tap. The system even allows timers to be added which regulates water use and increases efficiency. Now why would you want to drag that hosepipe and untangle all those knots when you could use our simple, DIY garden watering system instead?

A series of porous rubber hoses are laid above or below ground, close to the plants, trees and shrubbery in need of watering, to ensure even, accurate water distribution. When Leaky Pipe is active, your garden is still yours to use as you please or you can watch as your garden grows greener week by week. Leaky Pipe has proven very popular across Berkshire because it only applies water where required.

The porous piping which is the defining element of Leaky Pipe can be laid in straight lines across your garden or wind its way around to the plants and shrubs in need of watering. If you choose to have it laid above the soil, we do recommend that you cover it with mulch.

The limit to how far water can travel down the Leaky Pipe depends on how powerful your water source is and how the pipes are laid around your garden. Your average hosepipe will usually be able to accommodate 250 metres of Leaky Pipe at a time.

If you live in Berkshire and are interested in finding out more about Leaky Pipe, why not get in touch with a member of our team today?